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Beatriz has over ten years of combined experience in both residential and commercial interior design. Before launching her studio, she designed for, and collaborated with, several well-respected architectural and boutique interior design firms in Los Angeles.

Her formative years were spent in São Paulo and Taipei, before coming to Los Angeles in the 1990s. The three cities, rich and diverse in culture, landscape and architecture, piqued a curious mind and shaped her creative vision and sensibility. Perhaps the greatest revelation coming from Beatriz’ experience of this cultural mosaic was a deep appreciation of the impact an environment has in influencing an individual’s mood and quality of life. This passion set her on a quest to design spaces that are aware of the past, inspiring for the present, and thoughtful of the future. For Beatriz, success is the creation of a living space that is experientially fulfilling while serving as a repository for enduring memories.

As someone who appreciates history and art, she particularly enjoys re-envisioning historic spaces in a fresh, modern way, while preserving the architectural integrity and character that we all love. Nature and natural lighting are also a necessity in her design, as they simply transform spaces. She wholeheartedly believes in understated beauty and edits her work until she strikes a happy balance between art, function, and a welcoming sense of belonging.

Beatriz is an NCIDQ licensed interior designer and holds a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from the UCLA – Cal Poly Pomona joint design program. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Media Studies from UC Irvine.